Financial advisors are of the opinion that one should stick to ones asset allocation and not go gung-ho on gold because of just one trigger.


While prices may not come down drastically, it is expected that there will be stability later in the year. The festive season is expected to push up local demand, while the export market is expected to pick up later this year.


Gold demand this year may drop a whopping 10%: Time for investors to accumulate? The demand for gold in India declined by 7% Year-on-Year (YoY) in April-June quarter as prices hit an all-time high. The previous year, 2022-2023 the gold prices inclined by 9% approximately while silver stood firm with 18%. While the prices have come below its highest mark at Rs 64000 per 10 grams, the pace of price hike is worrying the consumers to invest in this precious commodity.